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Deep cleaning vacuums
The typical features with these types of vacuums
include rotating brushes that agitate the carpet
pile and loosen the dirt for better clean.  There
are some models that offer a handy automatic tool
conversion button or switch that you can push or
flip as you move from carpet to hardwood floor.

Hand held vacuums
Hand held vacuums are light weight, can be corded
or cordless, and you can even mount most of them
on the wall if you prefer.  The performance of the
cordless models will depend on the charge of the
battery, as the battery power drops, so will the
suction power.

The two types of hand held vacuums include straight
suction and suction with a power brush.  If you
are considering a hand held vacuum cleaner, you
should consider its primary purpose, if you plan
to use it on a regular basis or occasionally on
smaller jobs.

Broom vacuums
Stick or broom vacuums are great for smaller type
apartments, quick clean ups in the kitchen, or
a family room.  The benefit of a broom vacuum is
the light weight.  If you have trouble pushing
your heavier upright around, the broom vacuum
may come as a relief.  You'll also have the option
of getting your vacuum corded or cordless.

They usually weight 2 - 7 lbs. and allow you to
easily store them in the closet, as they take up a
minimum amount of space.  For quick disposal of
the dirt and debris, most models are also bagless
as well.

Wet or Dry vacuums
The wet/dry vacuum combination may very well be the
most versatile vacuum cleaner on the market today,
with numerous attachments and functions it is a
very handy machine to have around your home.  The
canister types can vary from the smaller 6 gallon
sizes to the larger 22 gallon sizes.

The HP ranges as well, from 2 to 10 HP.  You should
always try to match the size of the unit to the
size of the job and frequency of use.  

Upright vacuums
One of the most popular features of an upright
vacuum cleaner is the bagless system.  In addition
to the increased performance, there is no need
to purchase any bags.  Emptying the canister can
be a little dusty, although it's still better than
messing with bags.

Most upright models come with a standard set of
attachments that may even include an upholstery
tool, a crevice tool, and even an extension wand.
A retractable cord and manual or automatic pile
adjustments are other common features.  A HEPA
filter is another common and popular feature found
with most upright vacuums.

Canister vacuums
Canister vacuum cleaners normally include retractable
cords.  Considering the fact that most cords are
around 25 foot in length, this feature will prevent
you from having to drag the cord around and
possibly damage furniture.  A push of a button or
a slight tug on the cord will retract it into the
canister of the vacuum.

The nozzle can be one of two types, nozzle or
power nozzle.  To get your carpet as clean as
possible, it is recommended that you use the power
nozzle, which will agitate the carpet and loosen
up the dirt for deeper cleaning.  

Another feature worth looking for is a suction
control switch, as this allows you to adjust the
flow of air for cleaning delicate material such
as upholstery and drapery.  

When choosing your vacuum cleaner, you should always
choose the one you like best.  The best vacuum for
the job is the one you should choose, as things
will work out much better that way.

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