A Good Bedroom Closet Design Will Eliminate the Need For Space

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You can transform a bedroom closet design quickly, easily, and inexpensively by installing a modular closet system. There are many competing storage systems and products, so take a look at several systems before deciding.

There are two main types of do-it-yourself systems; those made of ventilation coated-wire components, and those made of solid particleboard components with a high pressure-plastic laminate.

Mixing solid-wood components with wire shelves and rod makes sense some cases, for instance…there are some items they want to look at and other they would like to store.
If you plan a system carefully, you can double the amount of storage area available.

It’s a good idea to have a few hooks but not too many or your closet will look messy. Slide-out drawers may not be worth the cost; simple and cheap shelving usually work just as well.

In addition to the usual bedroom closet design, think about under-the-bed storage, as well as under the eaves if you have attic space. But also think about smaller pieces like file cabinets, and freestanding storage.

A combination of drawers and cupboards, and open shelves with doors offers the most flexibility. In most cases the easiest way to plan is to start with a shelf or drawer unit somewhere in the middle. It often helps to divide a large closet in half or in thirds to make it easier to find things.

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