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Bathroom remodeling has come a long way from the pink tile and pink tubs days.

When remodeling your bathroom, picking the correct fixtures is key to a beautifully, well done remodeled bathroom perfect to fit your needs.

You should definitely ask yourself these questions before finalizing your bathroom fitures:

1) Am I a "shower" or a "bath" person? If you prefer a better shower than a bathtub, spend more on your shower fixtures. The part inside your wall behind your tile is called a "rough in valve". Choose your manufacturer carefully, you wouldn't want to rip out tile should a valve be faulty. If you prefer bathtubs, decide whether you want a soaker tub, whirlpool, or air type tub.

2) Choose your finishes wisely. The most popular finishes in recent days have been the Brushed Nickel finish, but more and more people are going to Oil Rubbed Bronze and Matte Black finishes. Be careful on the types of cleaners you're going to use too, these can strip the finish.

3) Decide your style. It's ok to mix and match if you have a preference for a specific item. In most cases, the bathrooms end up turning out great and individualized to your needs.

4) Order from a dealer who has knowledge and experience in the plumbing fixtures industry. Visit us at www.clickshopnrun.com for your bathroom remodeling needs. Our staff has tons of experience and knowledge on the right product and making sure you get the right products within the right time.

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