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The kitchen is an integral and functional part of a home. Renewing the kitchen can be a complicated project. It needs in-depth planning and working alongside experts to execute the plans properly. Kitchen remodeling cost can be expensive but it is worth the investment due to its benefits.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house since the food and family time is spent in that section. Some homes can forego the living room but never the kitchen. This gives added weight to the importance of remodeling the kitchen. It is an area where there is high traffic due to its functions within the home. Renovating or remodeling the kitchen is needed for more space, functionality, and additional safety.

When remodeling the kitchen, a homeowner has three options to choose from. They can choose to do the work themselves, ask a relative or a friend to do the work, or work with an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor. The cheapest option would be to personally do the remodeling but if the homeowner has no time or have no idea how to do it, the best option is to work with a professional.

The kitchen remodeling cost is not easily found on a contractor’s website. People looking for precise estimates of the total cost will not easily find the answers needed. Kitchen remodeling professionals cannot offer estimates from afar, without seeing the location of the project. Even if they see the on-site area, it is still hard to provide an estimate. Even if a rough estimate is given multiple factors can be introduced along the way which could change the previous cost estimate.

Cost vs. Value Report

The Remodeling Magazine issues yearly estimates of kitchen remodeling cost. The magazine calls the section for the estimates as the “Cost vs. Value Report”. The costs listed are gathered across the country which is blended to produce average costs of the service. However, the report does not include the thought process of a homeowner that can have an impact on the pricing detail of the service. The estimates from the Cost vs. Value report are not foolproof as every state has certain mandates that could drive the prices up or down.

Range Estimates

Three range estimates can be offered to homeowners. The three range estimates are low-range, mid-range, and high-range estimates. Low-range remodeling projects can be priced per-square-foot from $70 to $125. It does not involve any major changes in the kitchen’s space. It can include new laminate, tile counter-tops, installing other utilities, or replacing doors.

Mid-range estimates are also estimated per-square-foot at $200 to $250. In this range. Customers can make more choices and have higher-end products that are available within the price range. High-end estimates for a kitchen remodeling service would start at $300 for each square foot and goes to more expensive prices. The high-end costs allow more flexibility, more options, and can be versatile to what can be done for the remodeling project.

Average Cost

A kitchen remodeling project can cost an average of $24,965 which amounts to $150 for each square foot. Homeowners have an average spend on kitchen remodeling at $13,048 to $36,996 which is equivalent to $75 up to $250 per-square-foot. The expenses will vary depending on the space, materials, and the room’s layout. For those with lesser budgets, they are remodeling prices from $5000 to $20,000 for the basic remodeling projects. It will always depend on the preference and needs of the client for their kitchen.

Kitchens that are not remodeled can have a claustrophobic layout and may have a disorganized ambiance. Taking down certain walls can open up the floor plan with more possibilities. Remodeling helps in giving more comfortable, functional, ease of usage, and a more organized flow in the kitchen.

Homeowners who are truly committed to this project must plan it properly. They must set their plans such as deciding if they plan to sell or stay longer in the home. Kitchen remodeling will benefit both of those choices. If they stay longer, the aesthetic, functionality, and safety of the kitchen are updated. If they decide to sell the house, the property’s value will be increased. The renovation of the kitchen area must bring out its best qualities while complementing the whole house. Remodeling a kitchen has many benefits which will be helpful in the long run. 

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