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Anyone who has experience with carpet knows the types

of accidents that can happen.  Carpet is very common

with most houses these days, making the risk for

accidents and spills higher than ever.  No matter

what the spill may be, mud, blood, or milk - there

are ways to clean everything.

At your local department store or grocery store,

there are several products that you can pick up that

will work great.  The only problem with these products

is the fact that they are normally very vague with

how you should use them.

The first thing you should know is that if you

have a red stain on your carpet, you shouldn't try

to get this out yourself, but instead leave it to

a pro.  There are certain procedures and very

effective methods that your local carpet cleaning

company can do to save you from ruining your carpet.

Keep in mind that red is the toughest stain to get

out.  A professional carpet cleaner is the way to

go, as he is properly trained and equipped to

handle them.

For everything else, there is always an effective

and cheap way to clean spots on both your carpet

and the upholstery.  If you are only buying the

products that work for you, then you aren't paying

much attention to the label or the technique in

getting the stains out.

The first thing to do is go to your local Auto

Zone or auto parts store and pick up the auto

upholstery and carpet cleaner in the can.  Tuff

Stuff is one of the best you can get.  Almost

all cleaners that come in a can are foaming

cleaners, which will make your work a lot easier.

The foam in these canned cleaners will penetrate

the fibers upon contact and as it foams, it will

release and suspend the stains and soils.  You

may need to lightly scrub the areas with a

towel or soft bristled brush.

To help you clean the spots, the tips below may

come in handy:

1.  You should only use white rags or

towels when you clean carpet and upholstery to

reduce the risk of ruining colors or color


2.  You should use foaming cleaners to

clean your entire upholstery, even though it may

state to dry clean only.

3.  You should always test your product

of choice first on a hidden area to save yourself

heartache and embarrassment in case things don't

turn out the way you hope.  

4.  If you need the help of a professional,

you shouldn't hesitate to contact one.

As long as you don't have a red stain in the

carpet, you shouldn't have any problems getting

it out.  Stains and spots are a carpet's worst

enemy, which is why you should always get them

out as soon as you can - to prevent things from

getting any worse.

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