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Shopping for carpet is something that has never been

an easy task.  To most people, it is more of a chore

than fun.  For most people, shopping for carpet is

a dreaded experience that should be avoided at all

possible costs - although they aren't in this alone.

Once you realize that others feel the same way, its

time to go shopping.  Frieze is an excellent choice

of carpet, one of the most popular types that you

can purchase even today.  Frieze offers you a lot

of benefits without having to compromise anything.

The following are points that you'll want to consider

when you evaluate the durability of the carpet:

1.  75% twist

2.  15% fiber type

3.  10% density



The twist type of carpet has a spiral shape.  It

is used via heat method that twists the yarn into

its permanent shape.  The fibers can have up to

seven twists per yarn, as the more twists you have

the better.  The result in the end is a rustic

knotted look that is very appealing.


Fiber type

Frieze carpets are normally made with high quality

nylon yarn.  Nylon is one of the most popular

and most widely used fiber types for wall to wall




It is very interesting that several people use the

density of carpet as their primary factor in

judging quality.  


As you may know, carpet can be too dense.  The

denser a carpet is, the harder it will feel, as

the fibers are compacted.  The fibers were meant

to wear on their sides rather than on the tops,

as they need their room to move.

To help you get a better idea of carpets and the

types that stand out, we'll take a look at several

of them below.



Gulistan is actually one of the top manufacturing

companies of frieze carpets.  The company was a

trendsetter early on with innovate styles and a

very impressive selection of colors and easy

care.  Even though the company is one of the

smallest in the world, it has proven it has what

it takes to compete, with it's high quality nylon

frieze that is popular even today.


Laura Ashley

The Laura Ashley company is a name that sports an

elegant English country look that continues to

grow and inspire.  The company brings a lot to

the table, from impressive carpets to bed linens,

paint, and upholstery fabrics.

Beaulieu industries


This company licensed the Laura Ashley name and

premiered close to two dozen products, which

included a cool frieze carpet.  The company has

been very successful with their carpets, managing

to compete for several years.

The bottom line


Anytime you shop for carpet, no matter what the

style may be, you should always know what you want

and how it will fit in with your home.  Along with

frieze carpet, there are many other types such as

Berber, loops, high pile, and others that will add

quite a bit to your home.  Your carpet is very

important, and therefore you shouldn't rush buying



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get

assistance from a professional, friend, or a member

of your family.  Those that have experience with

carpet can be a great help when you purchase your

own, especially if you don't have a lot of



By getting help when you need it, researching, and

just taking your time, you'll have no problems at

all shopping for a carpet.  Carpets can make or

break a home, which is why it is very important that

you know what you are buying before you make that

critical purchase.

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