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With most people, a vacuum cleaner isn't really an
inspiring machine.  If you don't care about how it
works, then you probably don't want to vacuum to start
with.  At the same time, no one wants to live in a
pig sty or dirty home even.

These days however, things have began to change for
the better, and people's attitudes are changing as
well.  Vacuum cleaners are becoming interesting and
it's all thanks to James Dyson, the inventor of the
Dyson vacuum cleaner.

All thanks to Dyson, vacuum cleaners have taken on
a personality and life of their own.  These very
same tactics are even employed by the likes of
Apple to successfully ploy their iMacs and iPods to
the masses have now been used with tremendous
results with vacuum cleaners.

Now, let's take a look at the decision that faces
you when buying a flashy vacuum cleaner.  First of
all, you have the choice between the upright or
canister versions.  The upright style of vacuum
cleaners will require you to use them in the
traditional push and pull fashion, although the
latest vacuum from Tyson, the DC15, has even turned
this technology on its head with "Ball Technology"
that will let you glide around your home with the
greatest of ease - in any direction you please.

Canister vacuum cleaners on the other hand come
with a hose attachment for great control and
flexibility, as you can quickly and easily get
to all of the hard to reach places.  There isn't
really a lot of difference between the two, and
it's mainly down to your personal preference,
even though the upright vacuum is best suited to
larger carpets.

You should also consider the power of the motor
and efficiency of the filtration system as well.
Those that suffer from allergies will want to
pay close attention to the filtration.  Dyson for
one has been very successful by marketing the
benefits of its patented "Cyclone" technology,
which doesn't use a bag nor does it ever get
clogged up.

If you feeling really daring and adventurous and
want to stay ahead of the curve, you could go
for one of the very popular robotic vacuum cleaners
such as the ZA01 from Electrolux or the cheaper
iRobot from Roomba.  While you amuse yourself or
do other things, the robot will move around your
home on it's own will, vacuuming your entire
home until it is spotless.  The robot even has
the technology and intelligence to return to the
base when it is running low on battery power and
recharge itself.

If you want to be different and unique, a flashy
vacuum cleaner is the way to go.  There are many
different models and types to choose from, from
cheap vacuums to those that cost hundreds of
dollars.  All you have to do is meet your creative
side halfway and let the fun begin!

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